Little Flashes of Sun on the Surface of a Cold Dark Sea


This publication concerns an in-depth analysis and extrapolation of two images. It pairs a canonical historical photograph with a contemporary image. Both images share fundamental characteristics ranging from aesthetic, to symbolic similarities. The core properties of each image are extracted and translated into alternative forms of representation. Alternative representation of each image includes color and composition studies, reference map, typeface pairing, typographic translations, and essays. Finally, a third image synthesizes each image into a final composition that acts as an alternate conclusion.

The historical image by Diane Arbus shows clouds on a movie screen at a drive-in theatre in New Jersey. The contemporary image by David Wilson shows a graphic of the Virgin Mary on the back of a semi-truck on a highway in Italy.



Selected Photography
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Dog is God
The Subsection of the Eagle
Little Flashes of Sun on the
    Surface of a Cold Dark Sea

Lonesome Geography


Herman Ostrow School
    of Dentistry of USC coming soon 
Sonic Elixirs
Workshop 5001
USC Architecture 


Keto Provisions

Foster the People

Cosmos w/ RAEN coming soon

Zafrique Ensemble w/ RAEN coming soon
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Chaparral Ideas

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