USC Architecture 


Production Designer: USC School of Architeture Rebrand for Commonwealth Projects.


I worked as an integral member of a small team dedicated to a complete rebrand of the USC School of Architecture. We employed an agile methodology to manage the project. As a designer with many roles, I worked closely with the producer, development team, strategist, and creative director. The final delivery for the rebrand included a brand book, recruitment collateral, a responsive website, and a custom CMS with a comprehensive user guide. I built out a large portion of the 100+ page site and wrote the user guide. View The Finished Site. 

“Web Application” CMS User Guide



Selected Photography
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Dog is God
The Subsection of the Eagle
Little Flashes of Sun on the
    Surface of a Cold Dark Sea

Lonesome Geography


Herman Ostrow School
    of Dentistry of USC coming soon 
Sonic Elixirs
Workshop 5001
USC Architecture 


Keto Provisions

Foster the People

Cosmos w/ RAEN coming soon

Zafrique Ensemble w/ RAEN coming soon
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Chaparral Ideas

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 Notes updated 8/30/20

Chandler Abbey  — Descr.

Do-it-all creative working in an array of contemporary media. Design practice centers on the question of how to live.
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