John Long Interview↗
Afterglow, A Mountain Storytelling Podcast, 2020

Stone Locals↗
Feature Film, Patagonia (Dir. Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe), 2020

The Magnolia Electric Co.↗
Album, Songs: Ohia (Jason Molina), 2003

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity↗
Mike Brodie, Photographer/Mechanic, 2013

Blaze Foley↗
Musician, 1949-1989

Movie about Blaze Foley, 2018

Wolves of Heaven
Poem, Jim Harrison, Unkown Year

There is No Enemy↗
Album, Built to Spill, 2009

Weightless Again↗
Song, The Handsome Family, 1998

How to Change Your Mind↗
Book, Michael Pollan, 2018

The Science of Meditation↗
Podcast, Sam Harris, December 28, 2017



Selected Photography
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Dog is God
The Subsection of the Eagle
Little Flashes of Sun on the
    Surface of a Cold Dark Sea

Lonesome Geography


Herman Ostrow School
    of Dentistry of USC coming soon 
Sonic Elixirs
Workshop 5001
USC Architecture 


Keto Provisions

Foster the People

Cosmos w/ RAEN coming soon

Zafrique Ensemble w/ RAEN coming soon
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Chaparral Ideas

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