Vibrant Matter at the Beacon Arts Building


“Vibrant Matter is an exhibition of works from four artists that explores open-ended technologies and different mediums. Each artist tinkers with new and old approaches to master the inconformable art of disobeying material corporeality and software structure, and to unravel and then rebuild distinct strata via the programmed codification of form.  The artists are also interested in approaching the tools of distance and dehumanization with a consideration of whether and how they might be used to heal a certain set of wounds.

Vibrant Matter merges mediums of both organic and inorganic imagery—such as depictions of plant life with holographic materials—which become woven into larger compositions. The synthesis of light and matter, terra firma with computerized simulations, is a dissection of these qualities’ distinct possibilities, which allows us to evaluate and displace their definitions.  These integrations are also attempts at holistic coherence. When combined, these vibrant matters become something else entirely—not as teleological resolution for all kinds of creative activity, but as progress toward hopeful futurities.”


“Exhibiting Artists: Richelle Gribble, Janna Avner, Elí Joteva, Delbar Shahbaz, Print Shop L.A. + Michelle Miller, Margaret Lazzari, PES, Sung Jae Lee & Kuan-Ju Wu, Dahn Gim, Ting Ying Han, Amanda Stojanov, David Del Francia, Paul Espo, Maru Garcia, Jonathan Fletcher Moore, Ben Junta, Michael Massenburg, Kelly Kennedy & Ramón Hone, Bibi Davidson, Christopher Jun, Jonathan Bickart, Rana Wilson, Hayley Quentin, Felicity Nove, Staci Cross, Brad Branson Estate, TOLVA, Paul Waddell, Amia Yokoyama, Anita Enriquez, Kristin McWharter, Tara Dilougherry, Paul Espo, Jen Agosta, Isis Avalos, Rebecca Farr, Jung Yun, Ari Salka, Jonathan Casella, Jayes Caitlin, Press Friends, Dave Kloc, Regina Herod, Alex Wiesenfeld, and more.”

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I photographed the exhibition as well as a few artist’s studios.



Selected Photography
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Dog is God
The Subsection of the Eagle
Little Flashes of Sun on the
    Surface of a Cold Dark Sea

Lonesome Geography


Herman Ostrow School
    of Dentistry of USC coming soon 
Sonic Elixirs
Workshop 5001
USC Architecture 


Keto Provisions

Foster the People

Cosmos w/ RAEN coming soon

Zafrique Ensemble w/ RAEN coming soon
RAEN SS23 coming soon


Chaparral Ideas

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